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Home of the ASP Documentation Tool, SQL Documentation Tool, .NET Documentation Tool, VB Documentation Tool and a few other products.

Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited is a privately owned limited company that specialises in the development of interactive websites and innovative software development tools to assist with software application development. Since the company was established in July 2002, our products have been purchased by users from dozens of different countries.

IT Products

Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited started life as a software vendor. Our first product, the ASP Documentation Tool, was created to allow software developers to automatically document the source code of their websites developed using Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP).

Our subsequent products included the .NET Documentation Tool (documents .NET Framework source code), VB Documentation Tool (for documenting Visual Basic 6.0 applications) and SQL Documentation Tool (documents SQL Server databases), and the Niche Laboratory.

All of our products are available for online purchase and immediate download. Trial versions are available for all of our products.

As well as product development, a range of custom web development services are available.

IT Services

Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited is happy to assist you with any software development projects you might have. Our core area of expertise is in the development and maintainence of database-driven websites. Technologies we are familiar with include SQL Server, MySQL, ASP.NET, C# and PHP.

About The Company

The company derives its name from one of the areas of the Thames Valley that is home to many of the high tech companies based in the UK. Companies based in the area include Microsoft UK and Intel.

Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited is registered as a limited company in the United Kingdom and Wales. The company registration number is 4493816. If you want to verify the authenticity of the company, the registration documents and latest accounts may be viewed via the companies register at Companies House.

If you can’t find anything and need help urgently, please write on our Facebook page.

4 Responses to “Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited”

  1. Antonio Correa Bosco Reply May 3, 2016 at 10:51 am

    I just bought a licence for ASP documentation tool and download the files from avantgarde after payment.
    I had the evaluation installed so I uninstalled it and installed the new files.
    It continues showing the evaluation mark on the initial screen and suggesting to buy the premium version.
    Any help will bee welcome.

    • Hi Antonio,

      Before you install the full version it’s best to uninstall the trial then delete any leftover files remaining in the trial version folder.


  2. I had bought SQL Documentation Tool version 8.3 long time ago.

    After I have replaced my old Windows XP PC with a new Windows 7 PC and upgraded the databases from SQL 2005 to SQL 2012 respectively, the SQL Documentation Tool does not work anymore.

    Is there any new version which can run on Windows 7 64-bit PC and can generate SQL document for both SQL 2008 and SQL2012?

    • Hi Alfred,

      I haven’t updated the tool for a while. It should be able to document newer databases. You might have Windows file permission issues – try installing the tool in it’s own folder (e.g. C:\DocTools) rather than trying to get it to run in Program Files.

      I’ll have a think about resurrecting the tool as SQL hasn’t changed that much and it would still be a useful utility.

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