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The ASP Documentation Tool creates documentation from Active Server Pages (ASP) source code. Since version 1.0 was released in 2002, hundreds of organisations worldwide have come to depend on this useful tool to quickly document their ASP web applications.


  • Saves an enormous amount of time compared to creating documentation by hand.
  • Helps you to understand complex legacy website code.
  • Assists with the migration of classic ASP websites to other technologies such as ASP.NET.
  • Works on any version of Microsoft Windows (VB6 runtime files required).

Key features:

  • Documents ASP code written in both VBScript and JScript.
  • Also incorporates external client-side JavaScript and Cascading Stylesheet (CSS) files in the documentation.
  • Creates documentation in HTML [sample], HTML Help [sample] and text formats [sample].
  • Built by an experienced web developer with 15 years of web development experience.
  • Supports large projects spread over multiple folder locations.
  • Documents Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server databases associated with the ASP project. Includes documentation for Tables, Views and Stored Procedures.
  • Documents COM objects associated with the project (requires original source code).
  • The tool is configured and runs from a Graphical User Interface. A command line interface is also available for batch building of documentation.
  • Specifically documents ASP Pages, Functions, Subroutines, Constants, Application and Session Variables, Request Variables, Cookie usage, Redirection usage, Forms and email addresses. Also shows where COM objects are instantiated (e.g. through CreateObject calls).

Code review features:

  • Shows the proportion of JavaScript, HTML and ASP script used in each page.
  • Shows unused ASP functions, allowing redundant code to be identified.
  • Shows functions that aren’t called very often.
  • Shows under and over-commented regions of code.
  • Identifies pages that use rarer ASP scripting languages like Python or PerlScript.

Screenshots and Documentation Examples

The ASP Documentation Tool offers an easy to use graphical user interface:

ASP Documentation Tool screenshot

The tool may also be run from the command line:

ASP Documentation Tool running from the command line

Documentation may be created in a number of different formats. Below is a screenshot of the documentation in HTML format:

HTML format report produced by the ASP Documentation Tool

This may be viewed in any web browser, and is useful for incorporating into Intranets or support Wikis.

Documentation can also be created in Microsoft’s HTML Help format. Documentation in this format is fully cross-referenced and also searchable. It is also compressed into one, easily portable .chm file. Below is a screenshot of ASP source code documentation created in HTML Help format:

HTML Help source code documentation produced by the ASP Documentation Tool

Finally the tool creates basic documentation in text format this can be useful if you’re asked to provide your own specific documentation for a web application:

Text based documentation created by our ASP Documentation Tool product

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