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Another oDesk Fail – Facebook Clone Required!

Here’s another great gig I spotted on oDesk: Imagine that – somebody wants an entire Facebook clone. For $75. I kind of love how they specify that the logo must be changed to avoid infringement of copyright laws. What asshat. Well good luck to the 11 applicants who have already applied to this gig.

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oDesk Fails – Clients Who Want Everything for Nothing

Here’s the first in an occasional series about oDesk fails. Now I’m a big fan of oDesk. In fact I have a number of satisfied customers on there. My bone of contention isn’t with oDesk itself, but rather the job postings that I see on the site from time to time. However, it would be […]

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MySQL or SQL Server – Which is Better?

MySQL or SQL Server? Which is better for developing web based applications with? I’m Brett, and I’ve been a full-time software developer since 1997. I first connected a database to a website in 1998. It was hard work. The database was Access. Hmm, it wasn’t very reliable, but it did start to revolutionise access to […]

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Entering the Windows 8 World…

Do our products work with Windows 8? A few people have asked me this, and the answer is… I’m not sure yet, but I’ll find out very shortly. I’ve just bought a Samsung Ultrabook with Windows 8 and a fancy touchscreen. It’s a lovely computer, and looks just as good as those beautiful MacBooks. Windows […]

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Website Redesign!

Hi all, After 10 long years, it’s time for a website redesign for! A few things have happened that have made this change necessary: Google have decided to more or less de-index the entire site. Search for SQL Documentation Tool on Google and this site doesn’t even come up! Which is of course nonsense, […]

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