oDesk Fails – Clients Who Want Everything for Nothing

Here’s the first in an occasional series about oDesk fails.

Now I’m a big fan of oDesk. In fact I have a number of satisfied customers on there. My bone of contention isn’t with oDesk itself, but rather the job postings that I see on the site from time to time.

However, it would be nice if oDesk were to check more of the jobs posted onto the site, otherwise it becomes too hard to see the wood from the trees.

Auction Site – Big Ask, Small Price

As a long time web developer, one of the most common tasks I’ve been asked to do is…

Can I have a site that looks like XYZ.com?

Where XYZ is the name of a successful and usually quite large website.

So sure enough, here’s one on oDesk:

oDesk impossible task - make an eBay or Amazon clone for $450!

Well rest assured, here at Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions I won’t be building you an eBay or Facebook clone for $450. And I sure as hell won’t be able to deliver it to you in a week!

Make a Cash Cow, Sell it for Some Magic Beans…

This type of job posting has been appearing a lot lately. The customer wants a website that earns a few dollars a day from Google AdSense advertising revenue.

Nothing wrong with that, you might ask.

Well indeed. But do the math on this ludicrous posting:

Stupid oDesk job - make $25 a day site, sell it for $250. Yeah, right.

So the successful bidder has to make a website that earns $25 a day, and then sell it for $250?

Get out of here!

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  1. Wonderful! I’ve had many a phone call asking much the same thing.

    These enquiries often come from people with a Hotmail email address and full time jobs.

    I wonder what leads people to think this stuff is somehow extremely easy and requires next to no time or skill to do?

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