Get Help With Your phpBB Forum

Need help with your phpBB powered forum?

I’m a software developer with over 15 years of commercial experience. So I’d be happy to help you out with any phpBB issues you might have.

phpBB is a great product for adding a forum to your website. Unfortunately it’s big and complex, and hard to understand at times. Running a forum is also time consuming and can sometimes drive you insane. Like when I installed phpBB for the first time, and within a week I got a dozen spammers sign up and post hundreds of spam posts! If you’ve also had problems with your forum, then I feel your pain!

So if you want help with your forum, then get in touch. I’m available to work on either a fixed price (for small jobs) or an hourly basis. I’ll consider anything, from installing mods to moving forums and databases to different hosting companies, to doing basic customisation (like adding advertising to templates).

Why Hire Me?

  • I’m an English guy and native English speaker.
  • I’ve worked as a full-time software developer. I don’t do this as a hobby – it’s my job.
  • I offer consultancy through my UK based Limited Company, Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited.
  • I have extensive experience of using both PHP and MySQL, the two technologies that power phpBB.
  • I run two phpBB forums of my own, so I have first hand experience of running this forum software. Check them out at Asian Love Connections (the support forum for the dating site I built and manage) and Cure Your RSI (a health support forum). Both forums have been extensively customised by adding on mods and editing the templates. Below is a screenshot of one of the forums I manage:

phpBB Forum Screenshot

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