I’m Brett, and I’m the owner of Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited.

I’ve had a long career as a software developer. This page showcases some of the projects I’ve worked with over the years. If you want to know more about my skills and experiences, then check out my LinkedIn Profile. If you want to hire me, you can rent me out via oDesk.

Source Code Documentors

In 2002 I created a range of software code documentation tools to help other software developers to document their application source code. These tools included the ASP Documentation Tool, .NET Documentation Tool and SQL Documentation Tool.

The tools were sold online on a shareware basis. Total sales have exceeded 1000 copies. The software products have been bought by government institutions, large corporations and many other businesses.

The tools were developed in Visual Basic 6.0, with compiled Perl 5 being used for the core documentation routines.

As well as creating the tools from scratch, I also marketed the software online.

ASP Documentation Tool screenshot:

ASP Documentation Tool

Buy to Let Finder

There are plenty of property websites out there, but none of them answered a question I wanted to know the answer to: where in the UK is a good place to find high yielding residential properties?

To find the answer, I knocked together a little website using a bit of data and a lot of number crunching. The result is BTL Finder.

Buy to Let Finder website screenshot (click for live website)

Niche Idea of the Day

Niche Idea of the Day is a small website I created that helps people brainstorm ideas for a new website, blog or forum. Every day the site lists a new keyword phrase. The site gives a selection of LSI-themed keywords and phrases to help them decide key topics for their site. Niche Idea of the Day also shows some images associated with the day’s idea, plus a few other sources of information.

The site was created in ASP.NET (C#), with data stored in a MySQL database. The site’s design is actually an old WordPress theme which I converted to work with ASP.NET.

Despite the site’s apparent simplicity, behind the scenes there is some pretty sophisticated website scraping, API usage and text parsing.

Niche Idea of the Day - Screenshot

Find A Forum

Find A Forum is a directory style site that contains listings of over 1000 Internet discussion boards.

I started the site as a replacement for Big-Boards.com, which had become obsolete and at the time of writing was no longer available.

There are quite a few forum directories online, but as far as I am aware Find A Forum is the only automated forum directory out there. This means that forum submission is pretty much completely automated, apart from initially assigning a category to a new forum.

Like Niche Idea of the Day, Find a Forum has some pretty sophisticated website scraping and text parsing routines. It was created in ASP.NET (C#) and MySQL. The front-end design uses the Twitter Bootstrap, and is designed to be responsive on a wide range of devices.

FindAForum.Net - Screenshot

Older Projects

Web and Database Development for King’s College London

Founded in 1828, King’s College is one of London’s most respected Universities.

In 2002, Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited converted a number of the University’s web based applications from FileMaker Pro 5.5 (Windows NT) to a system using MySQL and PHP 4 (Unix). The work included a significant amount of database design and data transfer. All of the fixed price contracts were completed on time and to budget. The Clearing application in particular was very successful, and was used by over 900 prospective students in August 2002.


The EuroPanel Users’ Network (EPUNet) was set up by the European Panel Analysis Group to provide a forum for support and pooling of experience among new and experienced analysts of the European Community Household Panel. The EPUNet website offered details of the services offered by the network, including news, conferences and other events. There were also facilities for searching the EPUNet’s data services and publications databases.

The HTML pages for the website (created by a design agency) were converted to a dynamic, database driven site. The website used PHP as the web development platform, and the open source PostgreSQL database for data storage.

Note: The EPUNet project has now finished and the website is no longer in use.

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