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Documenting VB.NET Source Code with XML Comments

What are Code Documentation Standards? Many programming languages have well defined standards for documenting source code. These standards are useful in that they allow developers to add comments to code in a uniform format. Furthermore, it is possible to use tools to extract the documentation from an entire application’s source code and use it to […]

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Figure 2. Adding a table column description via SQL Server 2008's SQL Server Management Studio

Documenting Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 Databases

This article describes how the improvements in Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005 or 2008 relational database allow for most database entities to be documented. The documentation is held within the database itself, allowing the documentation to be kept synchronised with the database itself. These enhancements offer the possibility of a self-documenting database, saving many hours of […]

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Figure 1. Adding a table column description via the SQL Server Enterprise Manager

Documenting a Microsoft SQL Server Database

This article describes how to document your Microsoft SQL Server database. The principles are similar for all versions of SQL Server, although SQL Server 2005 and above contain a number of neat enhancements to database documentation capabilities. The article includes database naming conventions, adding object descriptions, documenting stored procedures, and how to create technical documentation […]

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HTML Help source code documentation produced by the ASP Documentation Tool

Writing Software Documentation

This article describes what documentation you should consider writing for your software products, and how to go about producing the different types of documentation. Documentation for Installation (ReadMe’s) Most software is supplied with a text or HTML based file that explains how to install the software. Typically the file is called something readme.txt or ReadMeFirst.html. […]

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