Entering the Windows 8 World…

Do our products work with Windows 8?

A few people have asked me this, and the answer is…

I’m not sure yet, but I’ll find out very shortly. I’ve just bought a Samsung Ultrabook with Windows 8 and a fancy touchscreen. It’s a lovely computer, and looks just as good as those beautiful MacBooks.

Windows 8 is a whole new world, and for us software developers it sure looks really different to what we’re used to.

I’m not sure that Microsoft have scored a big hit. For all their experience in GUI design, my first impressions were:

  1. Wow, an operating system that doesn’t have a clock on the screen. What a terrible omission!
  2. Why have two modes (the swipeable slate mode and the tradtional Windows desktop). It’s all a bit awkward!
  3. Sheesh, I had to look in the manual to find out how to turn my computer off!

Some things I like though. The charms at the right hand side of the screen are quite nice. And a touchscreen is nice, even if the screen has already ended up with fingerprints all over it.

The Samsung’s sleep mode is really nice as well, and much better than my previous netbook’s 5 minute boot up time!

As for developing on Windows 8, well I guess it’s a big step forward for us software developers. For my own career I suspect that I’ll be doing a lot more cloud based applications. Windows 8 doesn’t look quite so good for us small time software vendors. Documentation tools really are too much of a small niche to get involved with apps development.

I’ll do some intensive testing of our products on Windows 8, just as soon as I’ve figured out this new operating system for myself. I’m much more of a Cloud guy these days!

In the meantime, here’s a brilliant article about how to make Windows 8 look just like Windows XP or Windows 7 (and yes, you can put the much loved taskbar back!)

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