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Need help with your WordPress site?


I’m Brett, and I’ll be pleased to help you with any programming assistance you need with your WordPress enabled blog or website.

I’m an experienced PHP and MySQL developer, so I can assist with most WordPress tasks you might want to do. I’ve tinkered extensively with my own WordPress sites, and I’m familiar with many tasks including:

  • Module installation.
  • Migration of the site between hosting companies.
  • Installation of new Themes.
  • Editing of Theme templates in order to enhance the site.
  • Creation of customised WordPress Pages, like this example of an interactive form.

Why Hire Me?

  • I’m an English guy and a native English speaker.
  • I work extremely quickly, and I’m very reliable.
  • I’m a professional software developer, and I’ve worked as a web programmer for over 15 years. I’ve worked on websites for large organisations including Manpower Sweden, GKN and the Charity Commission.
  • I use WordPress on a daily basis, and have around 15 niche sites that use this content management system.
  • The website you’re looking at now is running WordPress. I also run other sites, including the one in the screenshot below:

Example WordPress site

Need help with your own WordPress sites? Then get in touch today.

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